France (part 2) - Shopping At The Village's Market Square

I just loved this market! Not that i would have bought something, but there was just a nice flair.


France (part 1) - The Sea

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I have just been to France for one week! I stood in a small village in the south at the sea and I took lots of photos... They're ways too many for just on post so I'm gonna split them up..

Here you can see the first ones, I took them at the sea in the evening (as you may have guessed...). I just love the sea in the evening and at night because there it has this mysterious special something.

Thanks so much to Laura from ladybird for the blogpresentation! ;) Check out her amazing blog! :)


Butterflies Are Like Flowers With Wings (part 2)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Here some macro-pictures I took of the butterfly from the last post..


Creepy Seat

I don't know why exactly but I love this photo!! :)