New York (part 6) - The Museum Of Modern Art

New York (part 5) - Central Park

I guess if I would live in New York I would go to Central Park almost every day. I could have spent hours there!

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New York (part 4) - People

To me it was one of the most amazing things in New York City that there were so many different and intresting people, here there are some of my favorite pictures.


New York (part 3) - From Upside Down

These are some pictures I have taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center, one of the highest buildings in NYC.


New York (part 2) - Street Life

The street life in New York City is just fascinating adn exciting. It's crowded and loud. There are loads of different interesting people and the streets are filled with the yellow cabs which you know so well from the movies.


100 FOLLOWERS!!! - Blogpresentation

AHH, 100 FOLLOWERS!!!! ;D Thanks so much to every single one of you!! Watch this video to see how happy you have made us!!

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New York (part 1) - Sunset Behind Manhattan

I have just been to New York and I am absolutely fascinated of this amazing place!! I've taken about 9348903821047189 pictures... On this one the sun sets behind the skyscrapers as you can see, this was the first view I had on New York City when I got there.


France (part 6) - Random

These are just some other pictures I took in France I want to share also when they don't really fit with anything else.